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Solving of large-scale nation-wide and international projects lingeringly forms a significant part of Institute’s activities. 

Institute has gained, and is involved in, several  government projects  by participating in public tenders or directly. In the past it solved the project on tax information system TAXIS, information system for the Office of Government of the SR, model  of state information system and contributed to the solution of information system of health insurance company. Currently,  INFOSTAT is solving the following projects:

  • BLUE-ETS (acronym of BLUE-Enterprise and Trade Statistics)
  • SLOVAK POPIN - Demographic information on  Slovakia
  • MOS/MIS - Statistical information system MOS/MIS – Urban and municipality statistics (MOS) and urban information system (MIS),
  • ISVVP - Information system of research and development potential
  • Demographic data from censuses - The presentation is part of the project “Building and operation of information sources of demographic and statistic data for the support of the R&D at the university and other research institutions”.
  • ELIS - Electronic information service
  • Elections  - Results of elections
  • Financial and non-financial accounts - system of link of financial and non-financial accounts
  • Administrative data sources - Integrated electronic system on the utilisation of admisnitrative sources in  ASIS
  • Urban audit - Urban Audit is the common effort of European Commission and Eurostat to satisfy the demand for the assessment of duality of life in European cities.
  • Iron/steel - data processing system for the statistics on iron and steel
  • Inforeg - Information system for the support of regional development in the SR

The large-scale projects are solved within  separate organisational bodies of Institute, in which various experts are grouped depending on the project nature. Within the framework of certain projects a close co-operation with other institutions and research organisations  might take place.