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Infostat and its organisation

INFOSTAT – Institute of Informatics and Statistics is the subsidized organization of the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic, established on March 1, 1993. INFOSTAT solves research and development tasks of state statistics on the base of annually concluded contracts with the Statistical Office of the SR. Activities of the Institute manages the Institute's Director, appointed and dismissed by the President of the Statistical Office. The activities of the Institute are internally regulated by organizational standards.

Conceptual, scientific, research, professional and methodical tasks are executed by the departments:
Department of business development, R & D and project management, which ensures the performance of field Institute.
Its main tasks include macroeconomic and socio-economic analysis and forecasting, statistical computing, information society and public administration, demography, public opinion.

Service Support Section which manages the personal, technical, economic and financial activities of the institute through the Department of Human resources and economic activities and professional technical-operational activities.

R & D Section – consists of the socio-economic analyses and forecasts and the statistical information systems and applications departments. These are internally divided into project teams. Project teams are flexible organizational units that are set up to perform research and development tasks. All project management tasks are carried out by the head of the project team.

A the institute there are also two research centers:
Center for Social Research at Infostat carries out public opinion surveys.
Demographic Research Center, is a specialized coordinating office for demographic research, analytical forecasting and methodology development in the field of demography.


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