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The Centre for Social Research

The Centre for Social Research at Infostat (CSR) is a full-service public opinion survey team, which performs quantitative and qualitative surveys for state administration, public, private and academic institutions, the press and other organizations. The reputation of CSR surveys is being built on a long tradition, well-trained interviewers and especially on a public trust to our services. With small breaks, we have been doing this line of work for 4 decades. CSR is able to carry out complex and partial public opinion survey at a turnkey manner from survey design, through field realization to data evaluation and interpretation of results..



  field realization


data evaluation


final interpretation
of results







spracovanie vysledkov



  •     questionnaire design
  •     survey sample specification

Field realization:

  •     quota respondent sample (representatively covering whole Slovakia)
  •     individual interviews
  •     group interviews
  •     corporate culture audit

Data evaluation:

  •     data analysis
  •     interpretation of results
  •     recommendations (notably in corporate culture audit)

Centre of social research constitutes of an educated professional team, profiling at the sociological and psychological disciplines and qualified orientation in statistical methods and procedures. It has long creating and trained interviewer net, localized in individual regions of Slovakia




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