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Publications in the field of socio-economic analysis and forecasts

YEAR  2014

EUREN newsletters publications 2015

EUREN Winter Forecast 2014. A recovery is on its way, February 2014
EUREN Summer Forecast 2014.A modest recovery continues, July 2014
EUREN News 3/2014. New Member States in Shadow of Uncertainty, November 2014

Conference contributions

Haluška, J. - Juriová, J.: Country report: Slovak Republic. Conference of project LINK, 22.-24. 10. 2014 New York:

Eurostat grants

Quality improvements in annual and quarterly national accounts, Work package 2: Advance the compilation of flash estimates for quarterly GDP volume growth

YEAR 2013

Scientific articles

Hudec, M., Juriová, J.: Perspectives of Data Mining in Improving Data Collection Processes in Official Statistics. Metodološki Zveski - Advances in Methodology and Statistics , Vol. 10, No. 2, 2013, 65-81.,

EUREN newsletters

EUREN Winter Forecast 2013. The Euro area will recover slowly, February 2013
EUREN News 4/2013. Slowdown in New Member States, September 2013
EUREN News 5/2013. Fiscal Policy in the European Union, December 2013

Conference contributions

Haluška, J. - Olexa, M.: Country report: Slovak Republic. Conference of project LINK, 21.-23. 10. 2013 New York.

Eurostat grants

MEETS projects on trade statistics concerning methodology and classifications. New statistical indicators made by linking business and trade characteristics. Analysis of the external trade in the Slovak Republic (based on micro-data linking)