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Statistical information systems a applications

INFOSTAT in its research activities is guided by the principles of the official science and technology policy. The main activities of the department of Statistical Information Systems and Applications are focusing at the following areas:

  • design and implementation of new information systems including statistical information systems
  • development of solutions and applications using modern information technologies for the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic as well as for other public and private institutions.

Our solutions are designed to reduce labor intensity in the field of data collection and data processing, improve data quality and data timeliness. Consequently most statistical data produced and processed in our information systems is situated in a user friendly environment which incorporates cutting edge graphical forms of presentation and web technologies.


Research team

Ing. Benčič Anton – the head of the team
Designing and programming of the IS
Ing. Nogeová Zuzana
Ing. Kupcová Beáta
RNDr. Lučeničová Ľudmila
Ing. Pavlovič Jozef
Ing. Lukáš Hurban

Statistical information systems
Ing. Skálová Soňa
Vojtková Jana