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YOUMIG project

In transnational European project YOUMIG, 19 partners from 8 countries work together to support local governments in managing the challenges caused by youth migration in the Danube area. YOUMIG’s partners in Slovakia are the Institute of Informatics and Statistics – (INFOSTAT) and the municipality Rača - Bratislava.


The key benefit of INFOSTAT’s participation in the YOUMIG project is the development of existing research skills and know-how in the researched area. The project results are expected to have a positive impact on registering migration which could be useful in tracking youth migration and in shaping migration patterns of young people in the Danube region.

INFOSTAT can reach most relevant national and local institutions and these can benefit from the project. Having relevant experience and competencies in R&D, INFOSTAT is the leader of WP6 in the YOUMIG project. The main objective of WP6 is the elaboration of local youth migration strategies and proposal of multi-level governance and transnational cooperation schemes. It will also closely support the local project partner Rača in a successful completion of its thematic tasks.




13.-14.12. 2017
Youth migration in Slovakia.
Branislav Šprocha and Branislav Bleha held lectures about youth migration in Slovakia at the Comenius University in Bratislava...
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Project start date
01. 01. 2017
Project end date
30. 06. 2019

Project web page

Well-governed Danube region
Specific objective: Improve institutional capacities to tackle major societal challenges

Project leaflet

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Project meetings

Partners meeting Regensburg
22.- 23.november 2017

Partners meeting Belgrade
7. - 8. June 2017

Kick off  Budapest
2. – 3. March 2017




The local partner of the YOUMIG project in Slovakia is the municipality of Rača. It is one of the 17 city districts of the capital city – Bratislava. It is located between the Little Carpathians and the Danube Lowland on the area of 2,359.69 ha, with 21384 inhabitants (31st December 2016). Rača is best known for its rich viniculture traditions.

The contemporary migratory movements in Rača are not very dramatic, but the number of valid stays within the Rača territory indicates an increasing tendency. By participating in the YOUMIG project the Rača municipality expects that the project will contribute to the improvement of the quality of registration of population migration, to setting up local policies aimed at immigrants, with the target their active involvement in the labour process and their seamless integration in the local community. The communication, exchange of experience and the search for mutually acceptable solutions in the field of migration with other YOUMIG partners are likely to contribute to the creation of new, more efficient approaches to the management of migration processes on municipal level.