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Socio-economic analyses and forecasts

The activities are primarily focused on solving research tasks for the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic and other public institutions in the following areas:

Macroeconomic analyses and forecastsKP2022-n-EN2

  • Compilation of flash estimates of GDP and total employment

eenMedium-term forecasts for the Euro area and Central and Eastern Europe
within the international network Euren - the last version

  • Country reports for the Slovak economy for the Global Economic Outlook in the project LINK:

Global Economic Outlook 2015-2016
Country Reports 2014

  • Forecasting selected sectoral indicators of the Slovak economy associated with the production of iron and steel (client U.S. Steel Košice)
  • Rationalisation of short-term business statistics using administrative data sources (e.g. VAT)
  • Design of a tool for assessing the risk of taxpayers in income tax collection (concept of benchmarking)

System of national accounts and structural analysis

Methodological issues of system of national accounts

  • Methodology of the system of national accounts transition to ESA2010
  • Estimates of unobserved economy in the SNA
  • Construction of the supply and use tables for Slovakia
  • Construction of symmetric input-output tables for Slovakia

Methodology and compilation of satellite accounts

  • Construction of selected tables for tourism satellite account  of Slovakia
  • Methodology for compilation of culture satellite account  of Slovakia

Socio-economic analyses

Microsimulation model of households for Slovakia
Sampling frame


In the field of statistical analysis and forecasting, we offer courses that can be adapted to customers’ requirements. The scope of the course is variable, according to the requirements of the clients. For more information contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Research team
Ing. Ján Haluška, Ph.D. – the head of the team (macroeconomic analyses and forecasts, econometric modelling)
Ing. Branislav Pristáč (labour market, econometrics, time series analysis and modelling)
Ing. Janka Horecká (methodology of SNA and compilation of supply and use tables, symmetric input-output tables, and satellite accounts)
Ing. Renáta Némethová (methodology of SNA and compilation of supply and use tables, symmetric input-output tables, and satellite accounts)
Ing. Michal Mladý (methodology of sampling surveys)